Our mission is to assist those disadvantaged Single Mother's and Youth on becoming economically self- sufficient by supplying resources and service. 
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This is my story, this is my life.  I AM a Single Mother Of Culture.  As a Single Mother living in the suburbs of Chicago raising young men, boys, I pray and hope that one day of them becoming great men and contributors to society.  My life and my struggles has been more than challenging but well worth the Blessings that God has given me.  The struggles women go through as Mothers can bring forth all sorts of emotional burdens, financial stress along with physicall stress and dispair, especially without support.  Our goal at Single Mother's Of Culture is not only to motivate, but educate, support and bring forth valuable needed services to assist in the growing of our disadvantaged mothers and children all over the WORLD!!!!
Car drives into Lake Michigan; three killed
Published: Wednesday, October 06, 1999
CHICAGO {AP} Police were investigating whether a woman deliberately drove her car into Lake Michigan in a wreck that killed her and two of her children.

The car veered off Lake Shore Drive, went slowly down some steps and paused for a moment before it suddenly accelerated and went into a downtown harbor Monday night, police and witnesses said. It sank in about 17 feet of water.
Two police officers went into the murky, 59-degree water to try to rescue the victims. The officers were treated for exposure.
Police divers had to break a window to pull out the victims: Shirley Combest, 33, a long-distance operator for Sprint; her daughter, Shaniqua, 8; and her son John, 6. Ms. Combest had a teen-age son who was not in the car.
Ms. Combest had a history of depression and had been under a doctor's care a few months ago, said her mother, Ruthie Mae Combest. She said her daughter also was grieving over the death of an older sister in a car accident last month.
"She was taking it awful hard," the mother said.