Single Mother's Of Culture NFP Foundation, a 501C3, tax exempt organization created in the year of 2003, poised for great transformation.  Single Mothers of Culture's Vision is to continue effort to implement programs to be an organization that encourages programs, resources, services and opportunities to support emotional, physical, spiritual and financial support, along with educational resources and activities for those Single mothers and children in need to sustain a positive contribution in life.  Our vision creates growth and solutions for those that need help the most, and then progressively enhancing these solutions in order to be able provide more and more resources to single mothers and the youth in need.  New services being developed to include transtional homes and shelters, educational classes, partnering with banks in the community and using community groups to create positive outlets for Worldwide support, resources and activities.                                                                                
Single Mothers Of Culture offering resources, services and support to those disadvantaged mothers and youth in need.  We offer community service, provide various workshops such as programs teaching computer literacy, Spanish to English classes, economic literacy, vocational skills, mentorship through performing arts, social skills, and violence prevention to single mothers and also the youth which in turn enable then to become assets to the communities oppose to liabilities.  By partnering with state and city colleges, single mothers and the youth will have access to resources and scholarship opportunities made available to them to assist in achieving higher educational goals.  Through fundraisings support, we are offering programming that will allow mothers and children to expand their horizons, assisting in developing work ethics, encouraging financial stability, and learning how to make positive life choices. 
With the rising number of homeless mothers and failies n various communities along with the Chicago-land area, S.M.O.C have plans to initiate projects to secure land and property for women and children transitional homes and programs for making transition out of financial issues and displacement of housing and those being released from the prison system; the program will support the problem with homeless women and their children as well.  We will be addressing the growing economic crisis that these women of low income area face providing program that will assist as well. 

Our principal objectives though recents research, Involves‘‘exploring the Impact of a Community and Faith-Based Program for Youth Outreach,'' are:
Provide quantitative and qualitative data regarding change in young women Outreach who participate in the project in five key areas:
1)education level, use of free time, peer and key relationships, mental health, and religiosity.
2) Provide an exploratory analysis of whether and how the S.M.O.C.  Project impacted the lives of Youth Outreach participants in the five key areas. The subordinate objectives of this study are:
a) Assess the content, style, and impact of the ''community-based'' element in the S.M.O.C.  Project.
b) Describe the expansion of the project from one local community, from one area to a community of another area.
In the spirit of building collaborative partnerships with community partners, the S.M.O.C. has started planning a Future Search Conference for the early spring of 2018. Funding will be secured for the 2 1/2 day strategic planning conference. The goal of the conference is to identify and engage more human and financial resources in the foundation’s effort to reach Youth Outreach.
The Future Search Conference process is professionally facilitated and will be used for community-building purposes in economically distressed communities across the state. With an emphasis on resident participation, stakeholder groups are comprised of leaders from community organizations in education, business, health care, social service, higher education, housing (community development corporations) and religious communities. Participants work through a series of exercises and activities to create a shared vision for the community and commit to working on specific task forces that will carry out the strategic goals set by the group.

A 501C3 tax exempt org